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Discussion in 'How to Apply Questions' started by Honor First, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Back in December 2016 I filed the VA form for "Notice of Intent to File." I mistakenly put myself down as the "claimant" and correctly that my brother was the veteran. A few weeks later I received a letter from the VA stating that they had received my application to be the beneficiary of an A&A pension.

    After realizing my error, I sent an email to the VA, stating my mistake and asking what I should do about it. The VA was very prompt in their response, but I did have some difficulty deciphering some of the information. I then decided this was too important an issue for me to try and do on my own. I pursued other avenues to find adequate assistance. My state VA office was, I'm sorry to say, worthless.

    There aren't any registered VA advisors in my community, so I then pursued local lawyers that are accredited by the VA. To be accredited they have to agree to not charge for the initial VA A&A pension application. They can charge for an appeal, if necessary.

    Even with the attorney, and she gave me tremendous advice in detailed emails, it took my wife and I weeks to assemble all of the required documentation. I can't imagine anyone applying successfully the first time around, without the assistance of either a VA accredited lawyer, or a VA trained advisor.
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    Agreed, it can be a daunting task when approaching it alone. I always advise to go at least talk with someone who is familiar with the claims process. Whether or not you choose to file with them is up to you, but knowledge is power and I always defer to experience when I'm not sure of something. I cannot know everything so I go to someone that does know and get advice/assistance from them.
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    The attorney filing for my brother to obtain aid and attendance failed to upload her representation form. She tried a bunch of times and all she got was "server error."
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    This is the unfortunate side of filing electronically. Too often it happens, which is why I have yet to trust it and still file by paper with a certified return receipt. She would still be able to send the form in via mail or fax and the VA will process it.
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    I agree with @Matt375 in that this is the reason why we recommend people send in the application and communicate with the VA by mail for the time being. You can still send anything you need to by mail. Please find the addresses for these pension processing centers on our How to Apply page.

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