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Discussion in 'How to Apply Questions' started by Steve Wilner, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Steve Wilner

    Steve Wilner Newbie

    I filed the intent to file form back on July 18. How long does it normally take to get a response back from that form ? Thanks, Steve
  2. EvaM

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    1. My Mother received an Acknowledgment of Receipt Letter from the VA within two (2) weeks after her filing of the Intent To File VA Form 21-0966. I would expect you should get acknowledgment of receipt within about 30 days.

    2. It would be even better if you sent VA Form 21-0966 by certified receipt mail, electronic return receipt requested (ERRR), as that USPS electronic receipt would also be proof of your mailing/filing dates. The electronic receipt works great as you get your receipt in your email as soon as the postal service gets the recipient's signature on the other end and scans it into the USPS system. However, if you wish you can use the old snail-mail green-colored USPS receipt form when you send off your intent to file (but you risk that green-card receipt getting lost in the snail-mail on its way back to you).

    3. In any event, VA Form 21-0966, at Section III (Declaration of Intent), reads as follows:

    "By filing this form, I hereby indicate my intent to apply for one or more general benefits under the laws administered by VA. I
    acknowledge that: (1) this is not a claim for benefits: (2) I must file a complete application for each general benefit with VA before VA
    will process my claim; and (3) a complete application for the same general benefit(s) as indicated on this form must be received within
    one year of the date VA receives this form for my application to be considered filed as of the date of this form
    ." (underlining added for emphasis).​

    Thus, be sure to file you actual application within one year of your Intent To File so that it relates back to your Intent To File date! The sooner you file the application the better, but you do have up to one year.

    4. You may also want to do the following. When filing the actual application for A&A death pension benefits, be sure to attach a copy of your Intent To File form (and USPS certified mail receipt, whether the ERRR or the green-card receipt). That will help the VA to match your application up with your Intent to File.

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  3. Kaylin

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    @EvaM Thank you for giving your input and advice to Steve! Greatly appreciated.
  4. Steve Wilner

    Steve Wilner Newbie

    Thanks - I will wait out the 30 days but if I get no acknowledgement should I call or just re-submit the form again ?
  5. EvaM

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    1. I suggest a call first -- and maybe not await the 30 days til August 17, especially if you did not send the form by USPS certified mail return receipt requested (as you would not also have that proof of mailing). Call on Monday of this coming week.

    Did you also send VA Form 21-0845, Authorization To Disclose Personal Information To Third Party, having the Claimant name you as a person entitled to get any information (e.g. status) related to the claim?

    If not, hopefully the VA Rep you call would at least let you know the Intent To File form was received, on what date received/filed, the assigned VA claim number (likely the Veteran/deceased Veteran's social security number), and that a confirmation/acknowledgment of receipt letter is on its way or will be mailed to Claimant at her mailing address you provided on the Intent To File.

    2. If the VA Rep is not helpful over the phone, you then may want to immediately re-send the Intent To File (along with an Authorization To Disclose, if not previously done!). And send it via USPS certified mail, electronic return receipt requested (ERRR) to ensure your Claimant's Intent To File gets "clocked-in"/signed-in at the VA to preserve your "initial" filing date.
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  6. Steve Wilner

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    The response letter came about 1 hour on Monday after I called them up and confirmed they did get the form but they have been slow in responding to them. I also confirmed that I had previously put in a 3rd Party form after my father passed away and I needed to handle the process for my mother at that time.. So now we are on the clock ! Thanks again, Steve
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  7. Kaylin

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    Great to hear! Thanks again for giving some advice and input @EvaM

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