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    My husband is a disabled vet rated 40% for a back injury in the service. His spine has deteriorated and we filed for an increase and individual unemployability in 2011. At long last, on November 7th, we received a notice from the VA - From what I can make out, we had asked the local office to review the prior denial. Under the new decision, it states that his claim was partially granted in that the previous award of 40% for the back did not increase, but he was awarded an additional 20% for nerve damage to one leg and 10% for nerve damage to the second leg. On the first page of the letter, there is a box with text inserted that states "You have received a favorable decision on your claim for unemployability. That will be sent in a separate letter." From what I can tell, the increase of 20% and 10% will translate to 60%, but the favorable decision on individual unemployability, from what I can tell from the internet, would raise him to the 100% level. We called the VA and their rep could tell us absolutely nothing. It's been 2 weeks since we received the first letter and IF we are wrong in our interpretation of things, we only have 60 days to appeal the November 7th review of the case. Can anyone shed some light on this? If a "favorable" decision has been made on individual unemployability, will he definitely be raised to the 100% level ... or could they come back and say he's unemployable, but that it's due to something else (he has several unrelated issues, which they blame a majority of his nerve damage on). If we don't have their decision on the individual unemployability by the time 60 days is up, can we get an extension? We don't want to throw this thing into appeal, since it took us 4 years to get this decision. We don't want to wait another 4 years by appealing, if we dom't have to. We're Confused???

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