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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by caregiver48, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. caregiver48

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    hi all
    i would like to know if anyone on the forum has applied for and increase for aid and attendance due to medical expense increases. how long does this usually take. i filed the statement in support of claim along with all documentation needed about a month and a half ago. my mom only receive a partial award but if approved she could get full award. it only took her 35 days to get approved for A&A. i just want to know an estimate of how long we must wait to hear something. thanks for responding in advance.
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    There is not a set timeframe to give you to expect. It should be done within 60 days, so if you don't receive anything regarding it by then, contact the VA.
  3. caregiver48

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    i called the va today and was told that the claim was in the developmental phase and that it could take 118 days. then it goes to the decision and notification phases. i thought that because my mom was already in the system, this adjustment to her A&A wouldnt take as long. oh well...have to be patient. if anyone else on the forum is going thru the same thing please post your experience. my mom's medical expenses are increasing and i asked va to expedite because of her age and financial hardship....dont know if this will help. was told milwaukee pension center was backed up with claims. keep getting different information each time i call.
  4. caregiver48

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    are there any takers on my questions. please post your experiences if you have asked for and received an adjustment to A&A due to medical expenses increase. did it take as long as 6 months and do u receive retro pay as to the date u submitted the statement in support of claim or will u just start receiving the increase without retro payment when decision is finally made. thanks for responding in advance.

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