Income vs. deductible medical expenses

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    I wrote to you back in April and you were very helpful (thank you!). I'm back again to ask for help with my Dad's EVR paperwork.

    My Dad is a WWII vet. His annual income including SS, disability insurance and interest is approx. $20,400. He qualified for Pension with A&A due to numerous medical conditions (i.e., diabetic), in addition to needing care with food prep., bathing, and other daily needs. We are preparing the annual EVR and I'm confused by the maximum income as stated on the VA website. It states that a single veteran with A&A can have a maximum income of $19,736. My Dad's unreimbursed medical expenses for 2008 (including assisted living expense) was $45,340 and we project that it will be $47,000 for 2009. The VA website says the maximum income is $19,736 (for single veteran, no dependents). In my dad's case, how would te VA view the approx. $700 difference given his medical expenses?

    Thank you for any help and insight you can provide.
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    VA Income is Income minus the Unreimbursed medical expenses, so it is the resulting number you need to focus on as being below $19,736.

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