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    I am applying for A&A for my 93yo WWII vet uncle. He is in an ALF now.

    I have an income question. He was displaced from his mobile home in Long Island, NY due to the Park being demolished.

    Everyone in the Park was affected. He is receiving relocation assistance on a monthly basis because of this. The checks he receives are marked "principle" rather than interest. Am I to include these payments in his monthly income. They will discontinue in February 2017. Are these payments considered income or payment for his mobile home and the inconvenience of having to find new living arrangements. I guess my question is "how will the VA look at this".

    Thank you for your help.
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    This is a very special circumstance when it comes to your uncle's income. I would suggest consulting with an accountant to find out for sure if this is considered income. I wish I had a better answer, but I do not want to wrongly advise you since this is such a special situation.

    What I can tell you is that, one your uncle decides to apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit, it can be asked that his application is expedited because he is over the age of 90. Hopefully this would result in him getting his award money sooner.
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    Thank you, Kaylin,

    I think I will just go ahead and claim it rather than risk a delay in the process. He is 93 and certified legally blind. That should get him medically qualified anyway. I will ask for priority in processing the application.
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    That is probably a good idea. The VA might even know if it is technically included as an asset of income or not and may disregard it if it does not fall into that category. If it doesn't affect your uncle being approved of the Aid and Attendance benefit, your decision is probably for the best!

    Good luck in the application process. Make sure to keep a copy of everything for your own records and mail return receipt.

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