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    I am writing to ask if, and then how, to apply for increased aid due to the higher pay and amount of hours we now are paying for our new part-time nurse. I know I will use the The LPN we had for 4 1/2 years left suddenly for full-time. Through her, we found another competent person willing to work part time, but who is a fully licensed nurse. She wants 20 hours/week and at a higher rate than we were used to paying before in order to make it worth her while to work for us. Dad has cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes,
    10 stents, RLS, is incontinent and prone to UTIs, has no appetite ever, and lives alone. She coordinates 3-4 doctors, and all the drugs, food prep and shopping, helping him bathe and I am the eldest daughter and live out of state, as do other siblings. I have coordinated most things for him since Mom died 5 years ago.
    We successfully received A&A for him (Korean war vet) in early 2014 of $224/month. We got by on the old nurse being there less and paying her less. I gave her 1099s and also traveled to replace her at times to keep costs down.
    This new nurse started in late October 2016 and now tells me she doesn't want a 1099 for 2016(we paid her $3860 total). But, she has agreed to be on the books for 2017. I am estimating close to $20k for 2017. That is above his SS income and the A&A/month. So far, each of the siblings has been sending money to make up other expenses.
    Further, in summer 2016, in an attempt to get him to eat more, we hired someone off the books 2 1/2 hours /day to cook and either eat with him or sit with him 4 evenings a week. We paid her $235o total.
    By not having these 2 caregivers on the books for 2016, am I constrained from showing increased need? I have the xeroxed checks I paid them; it just wasn't reported on a 1099. Frankly I forgot about hat part of things. Do I have to wait to show increased costs for the primary caregiver after 2017 is completed and a 1099 issued next January? The new nurse is there longer including making the dinner and getting him to eat. I am in need of guidance on this whole issue. Thank you all in advance!
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    If you ever need to show the VA that there has been an increase in pay for care use the Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to let them know. Including any bank statements that show the increase cost in care each month or contracts with the nurses and in-home care, etc. Anything that shows evidence so the VA does not question it.

    The best way to pay the nurses is by check because then you can keep track of the money and show the costs of care in bank statements.

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