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    Thank you very much for your help on my previous question. I have a follow-up to that question.

    Based on the first attachment (M21-1MR, Part V, Subpart i, Chapter 3, Section D), it does appear to allow a family member to be paid for providing in-home care.

    How about room & board? Can we combine the in-home care by the family member with room & board (ie. rent, utilities, & food) as a package, similar to the way it is done by nursing homes & assisted living facilities?

    It says that "Documentation must be submitted." Would a written agreement for the care along with canceled checks be sufficient?

    Also, what types of care/assistance can a family member provide that is "countable" towards reducing a veterans' income?

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    I’ve not have any personal experience with this situation but I have a feeling that since it is not defined in the regulations, it is left up to the discretion of the individual Regional Offices on what type of verification will be accepted. I would doubt if the VA will count room and board to off-set income. It may be safer to charge a set amount for attending to personal care and assure safety issues. I think they will look at room and board the same as the cost in a retirement center. The VA will only count what is contributed to personal care when someone is in a retirement center. They will not room and board.

    These are only my personal thoughts. You may want to try and get some feedback from your Regional Office on these issues.

    The Veteran Advocate

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