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    Middle Aged, Retired Combat Veteran, convicted felon, two dogs, mental health issues, physical disabilities, 420 Only. I can no longer sustain my life or that of my pets. Suck it up has run out. Frustrated more than anything with my current state; humble, I know God will guide me through his plan. I'll be homeless on 1 December 2015 and pray the right person will intervene. Please help me find 24/7 stable assisted living anywhere. Open to any and all recommendations.
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    I am sorry to hear about your dire situation. If you need help applying for the aid and attendance benefit to help with cost of care, please first refer to this page to check your eligbility: http://www.veteranaid.org/eligibility.php

    If you are eligible for the benefit according to those guidelines, your best bet is to take some time to read over this page here (http://www.veteranaid.org/apply.php) on how to apply for the benefit.

    If you need an address to use for the application for the VA to send the proper letters back to you, try to find a friend or family member that will allow you to use their address for listing in order to obtain the benefit.

    I wish you the best. Thank you for your service to our country.
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    We truly regret that you are faced with such an overwhelming challenge at this time.

    As a suggestion, please reach out to your local Veteran organizations who may have connections that can be of some assistance to you. These agencies are generally in a better position to have contacts and connections.

    In addition, if you have a local place of worship, they may have a discretionary fund that could be afforded to you.

    If you fall below $1055.00 for your sources of monthly income, you could potentially file for the Basic level of Improved Pension to bring you up to that $1055.00 threshold. This would be dependent upon your dates of service falling under an Approved Period of War.

    We certainly hope that there will be brighter days ahead of you, and we "Thank you" for your service to our country.

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