I'm confused about FDC and EZ forms

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by Jandy, Sep 9, 2015.

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    I've read on this forum that filing for A&A as a fully developed claim ("FDC") is generally not encouraged since all it takes is one mistake to land in the bottom of the pile...

    BUT on the VeteranAid.org site (on the page "How to Apply for the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension"), it lists two EZ forms as the required forms (21-527EZ for the veteran; 21-534EZ for the surviving spouse)....

    SO MY QUESTION: Doesn't the EZ form put you on the FDC track? I'm confused as to which form to use (filing for my veteran dad).

    BTW, has the thinking on the FDC track changed where now it's the preferred way to go?
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    The VA prefers the EZ forms so we do recommend that you use that opposed to the older, longer forms.

    If the VA feels the form was did not meet the qualifier of a FDC, the claim will still be processed.

    Just make sure you put something in every box, and include all the supporting documents necessary, and you should be just fine.

    Good Luck with it all.

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