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    Brief background- I applied for financial assistance for my mother and her assisted living costs in 2013. Her claim was denied, but I believe it was because she had not moved in yet. I was applying in advance hoping to get ahead of the game. The denial letter stated in general that she made too much money.

    Since then, we had to sell her home. She profited $60000, but much of that went to pay off bills, loans, and medical payments. She still has around $25000. Her assisted living (memory care unit) is around $3800 monthly. Her income is from a retirement check and social security--- totaling $1900.

    Simple math shows me that we can afford a little over a year at this rate.

    She has no other assets or income.
    I have so much of the paperwork filled out already, but I am concerned I am going to omit something and have to start the process all over again.

    First, is there someone I can call or meet in the north Atlanta that can help me in person? Is there an agency where I can make an appointment?
    Here is what I have ready to go... will you tell me if I need each one? Is there any specific advice for each one?
    1- Do I use the same VA file Number from the denial?
    2-Form FV17 - Fully Developed Claim Certification - asks for VA Claim Number -- Do I need this form?
    3-On Box 16 of the Main form 21-534EZ, it asks to check boxes for DEPENDENCY AND INDEMNITY COMPENSATION (DIC), DEATH PENSION, and ACCRUED BENEFITS. Which do I check?
    4-Do I complete section X about MEDICAL OR OTHER UNREIMBURSED EXPENSES? These would be the cost of RX and Memory Care.
    5-I have legal power of attorney, but heard they do not honor these. Is this true?
    6-Do I need a certified death certificate for my father, the veteran? I have several copies of the original.
    7-Do I need a birth certificate for him? Certified?
    8-He was a naturalized citizen and I have that document as well. I do not think they need this.
    9-I have about ten sheets about his service record. Most are DD-214's. All are copies. Do I need to send certified copies, or do they access this from their end? Do I send them in?
    10-I have a retirement order. Do I need this?
    11-I have a certified copy of my mothers birth certificate? Do they want this?
    12-Do I send in a copy of my power of attorney?
    13-Do they want a certified copy of the marriage certificate? I have this already.

    Form 21-0518 -- Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report for Surviving Spouse with No Children.
    I have this completed, but do not know if it is necessary. It does ask about IS SHE IN A NURSING HOME with the address, etc.
    Should I mail a completed form to REQUEST PERTAINING MILITARY RECORDS? They should already have this from the first application, and I am sending copies I have as well.

    Do I mail proof of income (SS and Retirement CHECKS)?
    Do I mail in assisted living statements of account with charges and payments?
    Do I send in copes of prescription costs?


    Am I missing anything? I want to be confident when I mail this in.


    Once I get through this, I want to revisit this site and offer help to others.

    Rich Anderson
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    Here are all of the field offices where you should be able to find Veterans Service Officers to help you in person should you need it: https://veterans.georgia.gov/field-offices

    Yes, use the same VA file number from denial. That number is tied to the veteran originally. Even for the spouse of a veteran's application.

    If you believe you have all completed paperwork, then yes, I would use the Fully Developed Claim form. This speeds things along if you do indeed have everything you need.

    This is a death pension.

    Yes, complete as much of the medical expenses section as you can. Typically people show this in monthly costs.

    Correct, having power of attorney means nothing to the VA.

    Yes, I would use a certified copy of the death certificate. You won't get any of these important certificates back from the VA most likely after you send them in.

    You do not need the veteran's birth certificate.

    I do not think they need the naturalized citizen document.

    Yes, send a certified copy of his DD-214 with full application.

    You don't need the retirement order.

    They do not need a certified copy of her birth certificate, but they will need a certified copy of the marriage certificate to prove she was married to the veteran.

    They do not need the power of attorney info, but you will need to fill out this form for Authorization to Disclose Personal Info to Third Party instead: https://www.veteranaid.org/docs/VBA-21-0845-ARE.pdf

    You shouldn't need the 21-0518. I believe that is an old form.

    You don't need a form to request the military records as long as you send them certified copies.

    Yes, I would include any proof of monthly medical/senior care expenses.

    I hope that helps! If you need any other clarification on what to send, please refer to our How to Apply page and our FAQ page:

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