I have an idea to help all Vets.

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    I reached age 65 and discovered that some of my retirement goes to pay Part B of Medicare. If I was on Medical or Medicaid, then that portion would be paid for due to my low income. I thought how nice would it be to get a bill that would help all vets who served in a War Time experience to have that part paid for because we were War Vets. If I had stayed in for 20 years, then I qualify for Tricare, but I know a lot of Vietnam vets got out at the end of the War, and like me we hit is age where we face all kinds of deductions from our retirement. This may very well help other vets who also served combat in other venues. I did contact my Congressman and suggest a bill that would help Vets with this. What are your thoughts on this?
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    I think you're very noble to reach out to your Congressman to suggest a bill that would help our veterans. Especially senior vets - they need so much more help than we think!

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