I am asking you ?what benefit for survivingson of wwII?

Discussion in 'Surviving Spouse Application' started by BarraquiasMcrey, Jun 22, 2016.


application for Dic/pensionDeath accrued v s va manila where I get my social security number of my D

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  1. What application form for surivingson of wwII? After the veterans and spouses both death both never to enjoyed any benefit during their life time from va/ where I can get social security no. Of veteran and I how to filled up va form 21-534EZ? Our insurance va file no.11112223 NSLI no.60538 xc 17315982

    Please advice
  2. What is your action this question mr vsr ?your sugestion of my ans at that form
  3. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    Hello Barraquias,

    If you are trying to apply for the aid and attendance benefit either yourself or your spouse would have had to serve during one of the approved periods of war. Being a dependent will not make you eligible to apply for this benefit if both of your parents have passed away, unfortunately. I am sorry to tell you this. I recommend you check out other VA benefits on this website, though, to see what you may be eligible for. Also you may want to meet with a local Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to see if they can help you through the process of applying.

  4. Madam if I use vso to ans my question at va where I can get this vso?
    madam again I have received va form 21P-534EZ this form need ssn to complied my ans this form? Aside from that I have case already at the uscourt of appeal for veterans claim for claim death pension/compensation.it was pending to the court the secretary of veteran filed motion to stayed for this month for filing of informal brief to counter my informal breif.
    madam I am asking you?what happen to my case pending at the court? If I filed another form va benefit? what is the effect of my case at the uscourt of appeal for veterans claim?
    Madam were I can get my ssn after ssa Manila refuse to issued my ssn?its very defecult for me a son of wwII no ssn? To get specially I am not residence of united states،citizen،naturalization?
    please advice all my question.
  5. Where I get vso to assist my claim? Infact my case was pending to uscvc the secretary of va filed motion to stayed last month to produce lai evedence to counter my motion informal brief. Can vso assist my claim at va?where I can get ssn? To complied my application va form 21-534EZ،if I file new one application form that I mention above what is the effect of my case at uscvc?
    Please advice
  6. Kaylin

    Kaylin Hero Member Staff Member

    BarraquiasMcrey, I answered your question via the personal message you sent to my inbox.

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