I am 100% and have asked for A&A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by repofgifts, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. repofgifts

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    My VA doctor has given a letter on my behalf and my records show that I am not improving ie: health wise.

    They offered me a wheelchair but I opted for a scooter first, I felt that a wheelchair would really bring my mind to the bottom floor.

    I am @ 100% VA Comp now. How much more money will the VA pay me for A&A? I thought there was a cap on one that is 100% as I am.
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    The Aid and Attendance that is discussed on this website is for non-service connected pensions. There are additional benefits for Aid and Attendance under the service-connected compensation program but to discuss it here would confuse a lot of people. I will respond directly to you, off the forum, later today with additional information.
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    I could not locate your email address in order to provide you with additional information on 'aid & attendance' for service-connected compensation rating. Please provide at your convience.
  4. repofgifts

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    My email is oldman7243@yahoo.com

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