How to report on 21-8416... medicaid paying MEDC-B

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MJ, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. MJ

    MJ 85 year old mother is surviving spouse of veteran

    premiums. Is this a "reportable event" to the VA?

    After a trip to the Dept of Social Services my mother was approved to have MEDC-B premiums paid by Medicaid.
    Her Social Security check is now $96.50 more than it was. I am not sure how or if I need to notify the VA about this change or not???

    Any experience with this out there?
    Thanks for any input here... love this site!
  2. Congratulations on getting this extra benefit. My mother is in the same situation. The State Medicaid program pays her Medicare premium because she is low income.

    The State was already paying the premium when Mother applied for A&A, so it was simple for me. Mother's SS check is all income, with no premium deducted. Usually you list the Medicare premium as an expense for VA purposes, but you don't list it as an expense when the State pays it.

    I did the first EVR this year. I put the total amount of her SS check as income. The itemized medical expense form, 21-8416, has a pre-printed box for the Medicare premium, so I just wrote none in the blank.

    Did the State start paying the premium in 2011? If so, and you haven't filled out the EVR yet, I would think you could simply show the full amount of her Social Security as income for 2011. This will show that her income has increased from last year. However, if she started getting the premium paid by Medicaid in 2010, you might want to check with the VA to see if you have to report it.

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