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    hello everyone. Im new here and have a few questions about a&A. My father is 86 and in need of care cuz he does not remember a lot of things and need someone in the home to take care of him which me and my wife are currently doing. my question is: when adding up my fathers income for the application do I use his gross income or net. Also I am not ready to send in the app. but I want to send in the form to put the va on notice that we plan to file an app. Can I as my fathers poa sign the form notifying the va of his intent to file for a&A? Thanks in advance
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    I received your personal email and responded. But I will also put the answers here for other users.

    This sheet here should help you figure out how to get your father's "countable income": It would be your father's gross income.

    The VA does not recognize POA for the Aid and Attendance application. You can certainly use an Intent to File form to get the process started, but your father will need to sign the form. He can also mark an "X" or use his thumbprint if he cannot sign his name. With two witnesses (these can be family members or friends) when he marks the "X". The two witnesses need to provide their names and addresses on the cover letter of the Intent to File form.

    You can mail in the form for him, however, and have the correspondence sent to your address. Whatever address you want to list on the form for correspondence is fine.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks a million Kaylin.
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    You're welcome, lenemuzy. :)
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    I highly recommend that you get assistance after you send in you application from your congressman/woman. After 8 months of waiting for my fathers, I contacted Marcy Kaptur in Ohio for assistance with my dad in Indiana. After one week, it was processed with a large retro check and auto payments. I also recommend that you go to your parents bank and ask for all the bank accounts that you will need. Your dad can't show income, and accounts need to be in your name and separate accounts for SS etc. email me for any help. It is a long process.
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    As a side note here, you do not ask your Senator or other State Reps to make an inquiry until such time as several months have passed with no decision having been made.
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    My application was not regarding lack of decision. After 8 months of hassle, then told papers couldn't be found, I called Marcie Kaptur who is on the committee in congress. To this day, I have never received my fathers original documents back from the VA. I was told they are lost. I went with paying for their care for 7 months at assisted living out of my own pocket. We hire these people to work for us and it took one week!
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    Your situation is a little different that what I referenced in waiting to ask for congressional inquiry.

    Also I want to mention that we recommend never sending original documents ever for the very reason you have stated.

    Certified copies of Discharge papers and marriage licenses are the best route to go.

    Sincerely hope that those "lost" documents may still find their way back to you.
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    Thank you. I did post in another area and hope you see my questions. I have concerns for my mother as my dad enters Medicaid and I am told my mom will lose benefits and all her income.

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