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    We tried to follow all the instructions here and sent off our booklet to Milwaukee. We received the PO return receipt on 11/12. I thought we were supposed to get some acknowledgement from the VA assigning a case number. Is this right? If so how long should I wait before I try to follow-up? I would like to try to follow the process online, but am not sure how this can be done. Also, I read that the ebenefits site does not work properly. Can anyone tell me where I get more info on this?
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    It can take up to 60 days to get a letter from the VA acknowledging receipt of the application. Given that we had Thanksgiving, and now Christmas, things may be running a little behind. Once you hit he 60 mark, I would call the 800 827-1000 number if you have not received a letter at that point.

    You do not want to check on the ebenfits site.
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    My mother currently receives a reduced amount of aid from the VA. However back in October she was moved to an assets living facility. We requested an increase back in Sept. We sent copies of the application fee, trips to dr. Receipts and a copy of the signed contract with the facility. This was all mailed in Sept. In October we got a letter that said they got it but were real busy and not to contact them. Since then we have sent three certified letters and called four times and have heard nothing. It is now the end of January, I have contacted my congressman and requested he help. He I turn sent them a letter in the beginning of the month and he also has heard nothing. Just seems to be the way it goes. They have no care or concerns about other people's costs or how it affects them they just keep chugging along and seem to be responsible to no one.
    Good luck, we are dealing with the Philadelphia office which is famous for being totally incompetent but that seems to be ok with them.

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