How Long Does Aid and Attendance Take?? Can Anything speed up Process??

Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by BDostanko, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. BDostanko

    BDostanko Newbie

    I filled Aid & Attendance for my mother (father-WWII Vet and deceased) on Ffeb 22, 2010. Still haven''t heard from Vet. How long does it take and can anything speed it up?? Thanks-Brian D. (also AF Vet)
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Are you saying that you have not received any correspondence from the VA acknowledging receipt of the application? Did you send it Return Recipt?
  3. scshisler

    scshisler Newbie

    It's been a few months since your post. Have you made any progress? I'm curious to know what, if anything, has developed since then.

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