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    In december 2005 the assisted living facility submitted the paper work for mom. We were told sometimes
    it takes a year. We patiently waited. Faxes were sent. In June of 2007 they said they didn't have the
    marraige license and started it like a whole new application. They had never requested this certificate nor
    mentioned it in all the correspondence. They will not go back to the original date and said we have to
    appeal it. We have exhausted the monies. How long does this take we again haven't heard anything. The assisted living facility said they have never had this problem before. We don't know where to turn, how to check up on this are we being foolishly patient.. We just keep thinking it will come. Please any
    assistance you can give us is appreciated.
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    It is long past being patient. You are not being given the correct information. First of all, never accept information from the VA unless it is in writing. You will never get the same person when you call back. It is the luck of the draw when you reach someone at the 1-800 number. There are a few good individuals working the phone-lines but most do not want to work in that section and they are only interested in getting you off the phone and take the next call. has an article posted with detailed information regarding the lack of proper training for the VA employees and another article regarding the very high percentage of wrong information being put out from the 1-800 number.

    I recommend you complete the attached VA Form 21-22a that will give you the authority to act on your Mom's behalf and then take charge. If you are not satisified with the response that you are receiving from the VA vet rep, then ask to talk to a supervisor. Don't let them tell you that you cannot not speak to a supervisor, it is your right.

    If the VA never made a determination on the original claim then it is still open and your Mom is entitled to the earlier effective date. Once you submit the attached form you can request copies of any correspondence that they claimed was sent out on your Mom's claim. Call the bluff.

    Under their 'duty to assist' obligation, they must let your Mom know what is needed to complete her claim. Needless to say, your Mom has a lot at stake here and you must take some quick and aggressive action.

    Please keep us informed of the outcome. We have seen some claims get approved within 6 weeks. Taking a year to process is unacceptable.
  3. ttlj

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    thank you so much for the much needed advice. Coincidentally, my husband did talk to the VA today,
    and they are faxing papers because now apparently the facility didn't use the right forms for the doctor
    evaluation. We have sent everything they have requested and it still isn't right. I will follow through with
    your suggestions, thanks again. I only wish I had found this site a year ago.
  4. veteranadvocate

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    Please keep us posted because most VA Regional Offices don't require the medical statement if they receive a statement on letter-head from a nursing home and/or assisted care facility. It is pretty well assumed that the Aid and Attendance is needed.

    Someone from the VA may be trying to cover their tracks or save some retroactive payments. Don't let them drag this out any longer.
  5. ttlj

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    We went to pick up the forms from the assistant living facility and they said they spoke to someone at
    the va and the original forms were just fine. (just like you said) Now my husband is going to take them
    directly to a supervisor along with any other paper work in person. Is there anything else you can recommend. His mom did sign the form you suggested. This is really unbelievable and the other stories
    are worst. Your site is truly a blessing. thank you
  6. ttlj

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    We just received a check but it is not retroactive back to the 2005 first date of submitting ( when she was
    place in an assisted living facility after hospilization). The payments are starting the first of the month for around 600 dollars. We are very grateful
    this is finally beginning. Would my mother in law be entitled to when it was first submitted? And how is the
    amount determined? I originally thought it would be around $800. Again, thank you for your assistance
    I can't believe we finally received a check.
  7. veteranadvocate

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    Base on the information that you have provided, she should be entitled to retro pay back to the date of application (actually the first of the following full month.) Without seeing the award letter and knowing what the VA counted as income and expenses, it is hard to determine exactly what they are doing. I will be willing to review the award letter and give you my recommendation if you want to email it to me or fax it to me.

    Glad they finally got something coming in for her.

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