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    My father in-law was in an private assisted living facility. When his application for A and A was made, his eldest daughter at the last minute used white-out and made herself the fiduciary of his account. Roughly 1,700$ every month was deposited to an account set up for his A and A for his assisted living expense. We were told that this whole amount should be paid towards his assisted living bill every month and that the rest should be paid from his personal account. After a few months the daughter started making partial payments or skipping payments altogether. The center then had my father-in-law make up the difference. At one point he had to make a lump sump payment of $6,000 to catch up the account. This continued for the duration of his stay. We then had him admitted to V.A assisted living facility in Clinton Ok. We informed the accounting staff of the history of sporadic payment from Fiduciary daughter. They informed us that they knew how much he received and that they would expect that amount from the Fiduciary and He was responsible for the rest. At the start of 2015 the facility changed accounting staff. The sporadic payments started again. We had set up an incidental account with the facility for his personal expenses. They depleted this account to make-up the shortfall. He passed away in April. The Fiduciary has petitioned for the remainder of the funds in his/her A and A account. She is also petitioning the incidental account as well. We believe there should have never been any balance in that account. The A and A funds were never meant to be an inheritance (the Fiduciary's words). We want to know if there is anyone we can contact to conduct an audit of his A and A account for the last 3 years. it just seems that there were some indiscretions in the handling of V.A funds. We would appreciate any help in this matter.
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    I hate to hear stories like this, and it truly is an abuse of the authority.

    I would call the VA Fiduciary Dept and ask to speak with a supervisor and report the actions.

    If the VA is not is not willing to do anything about it, there really isn't much that can be done.

    Her behavior should have been reported at the onset of it all, and it may very well be too late to make her accountable.
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    is there a number for the V.A Fiduciary department?

    The daughter who self-appointed herself as Fiduciary made several false claims to V.A. and our state DHS that my wife was stealing funds. So my wife had to show proof via financial records that she didn't steal any funds. My wife was the primary caretaker of her father until he entered Assisted Living. She actually paid for his first year out of her pocket until the A and A funds started. She was threatened with the loss of her Professional license if there had been any discrepancies. The Fiduciary actually made calls to each agency to inquire whether either had taken her license. So my wife was spending time, energy, and money to clear her own name leaving little time to respond to her sister's actions. it would be a pity if her sister has gotten away with it and didn't have to be held accountable for her actions.
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    Call the main 800 827-1000 number and ask for a direct line for the Fiduciary Dept.

    Hope you can get things cleared up on all counts.

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