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    My father is getting the MAX as a SINGLE veteran under A&A. He is NOW HOMEBOUND COMPLETELY. His health has deteriorated and he needs additional care.

    Under the aid and attendance is there more support?
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    To clarify, is your father getting $1,788 per month in Aid and Attendance? That is the maximum award amount. If he is not, you can use form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim to update the VA on his status as being homebound and what his costs of care are currently to request for an increase in his award amount.

    A veteran cannot receive the Aid and Attendance benefit and Housebound benefit at the same time. The Aid and Attendance benefit is the higher amount, and it would be a wise decision to keep this benefit rather than trying to apply for the Housebound.
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    Just for clarification, his status of "housebound" or Aid and Attendance is not really the issue, as both are part of the 3-tier "Improved Pension".

    As Kaylin has stated if he is receiving less than the higher amount of $1,788, then you follow her directions using the 21-4138 and update the VA on his increase in need of care and expenses.

    As a side note, one can be living at home and "housebound" due to physical issues, and receive the higher award of A&A.

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