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Discussion in 'Selling of Home' started by brunn2, Jan 20, 2016.

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    I have applied for A&A for my mother but the application is still in process (applied 10/30/15). In the meantime we have sold her home(1/15/16). I know the sale now becomes a countable asset but when and how do I notify the VA? Should I wait until I hear about the disposition of her application? I will be using part of the sale to pay for a pre-paid funeral, would I deduct that from the reported price? Thank you for the help this site provides.
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    If you are pre-paying for funeral costs, that can be used as expenses deducted from the reported price of the house selling. Make sure you have clear receipts and documentation showing that. I would wait until the VA awards your mother the Aid and Attendance benefit and then notify them of the increase in assets because of the selling of the house with Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 to notify them. At this point, your mother's award amount may be reduced. It may be best to wait to notify them because if you send in another form now while they are already so far into her application process, it may push back the time you receive the award letter even more.
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    As Kaylin said, you should wait until a decision has been made. Updating this now will stop the process and reset to the beginning.

    You will need to report the full amount of proceeds from the sale of the house and not back out the pre-paid expenses. You can note that x dollars went to pay for this and attach a copy of the receipt, but you do need to disclose the full amount of proceeds.

    Yes, it will impact her eligibility, but to what extent will depend on the amount she receives, and how far that puts her out from financially qualifying.

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