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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by james882, Jun 30, 2015.

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    We are just starting the process of educating ourselves regarding the VA A&A Pension. My father should qualify from what we can tell so far and were about to begin downloading forms and getting everything together.

    We had contacted several home care agencies to get help with his care. We chose one, and are happy with them. The lady that manages that company asked me if I was aware of the A&A benefit and said she would help me with any paperwork I needed to show costs. She also said that in her experience it takes a while to complete the process - she said about 6-9 months on average.

    However, another local agency that we called before making our choice (and there was nothing wrong with them that we could tell - they were just slightly more expensive - not a lot though - and we are "counting pennies" at this point) - Anyway, this other agency called me today and said if we went with them instead, that they sub contract with a company that can "fast track" this process and it "only takes 4-6 weeks". In fact, the lady claimed she just had another lady approved in only 3 weeks flat. I didn't even mention the A&A benefit to her, she brought it up on her own - but then surprised me by being so confident that the company she contracts with has special resources to get this going so fast...

    So my question is - are there really companies out there that have some special way of "fast tracking" this? Or is this agency simply trying to get my business and using this as a sales tactic? Obviously if they have some special connection that can get this approved in 4-6 weeks, that's much better than trying to do it on my own and taking 6-9 months. But I am leery that this is just a tactic to get my business but not true (if true, it's a good tactic; if not, then it kind of aggravates me to feel exploited by it).

    Any experience out there with this?
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    No company can "fast-track" an application, so keep that in mind.

    If you did the application and it was complete and what the VA calls a "Fully Developed Claim" you could potentially get a decision in 6 weeks.

    I hate when companies make this promise all for getting you to go with their services.

    In addition many home-care companies pull a fast one wanting an automatic draft set up for payment and charge more than they pay the caregiver.

    Do your homework, and if you want to send me a private message telling me who the company is that has the "fast track", I can possibly offer more insights.

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