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    [size=10pt][size=10pt]My mother is 93 and this past year due to health issues and her requiring 24/7 care found out about A&A through a local elder attorney and him referring me to the Veteranaid.org board. I am so thankful we found this website (veteranaid.org) & Debbie and the many people and their struggles to take care of their loved ones & friends who are veterans or a spouse of a veteran. Debbie is so knowledgeable, she recommended ELDER RESOURCE BENEFIT CONSULTING & I called them and engaged them to help us. We have not been awarded anything yet, but without them and this board I would be lost. I highly recommend Elder Benefits Consulting Services. They are very knowledgable and you will not regret calling them and finding out about their services.

    Here is their contact information:

    365 Boston Post Road #390

    Sudbury, Ma 01776-3003

    508 270-7556
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    Congratulations, and thank you for the acknowledgements to everyone who was able to help.

    That retro check should help ensure being able to pay for her care.

    Thanks for the update!! :D
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    Just want to update everyone (above story). My mother received notification from the VA today that she will receive benefits. Our timeline was from October 16, 2010 (actually started gathering information a couple of months prior) to today (April 19, 2011). Don't know if we could have done the process without a wonderful Elder Attorney who told me about the benefit and about Veteranaid.org website, Debbie/Veteranaid.org and Debbie's recommendation to Patty at Elder Resource Benefits (above contact information.) I hope I can help others as I will be checking the website and sharing any information I feel will be helpful to others.
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    Just as a caveat for you, I would be wary of anyone who charges money to help get these benefits. The forms may be tedious, but I don't believe claims organized/prepared by attorneys are prepared any better than ones that are prepared by county veterans service officers. CVSOs offer free help and can access VAs computer systems. They also have direct lines to VA processing centers and often have informal contacts who can help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. I have seen attorneys prepare cases, charge $2,000 or so and then the claim is denied for an obvious eligibility issue that the attorney should have known about.

    If it were me, I would go with a CVSO 100 times out of 100. Their jobs are to help you, not make money off you.

    All that being said, I know some attorneys are very nice, helpful people.

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