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    I just received a response from the Philadelphia VA office after 5 months. They said the claim for my mother could not be processed under the Fully Developed Claim Program because additional evidence is needed to complete the claim. The additional evidence related to the NetWorth section. Where she didn't have any Asset for that category I put N/A. They said this is not acceptable and you must put "0" or "none" if the answer is a $0.00. They also say the claim is no longer eligible to be processed under the Fully Developed Claim Process and will process under the standard claim process once I resubmit the corrected asset section. Doesn't N/A mean the same as none???

    My question now is do I have to change all the amounts I put in the assets on the original form (they have changed since I applied) or do I just change the N/A to "0" as they requested and re-submit.

    Also they mention eBenefit. Should I use that or just stay with the mail.

    Sorry for the long post but I am just frustrated that they would hold this up for a matter of N/A vs "0".
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    I can understand your frustration. It is ridiculous that the VA is being picky about the N/A vs. 0 issue. I know others have put N/A on other forms for certain sections that did not apply to them and it has been accepted. It might be because this is the Net Worth section and the only answers they will take are numerical ones. Still ridiculous, though.

    Put the most accurate answers you can in the net worth section (in numerical amounts) and re-submit that paper of the full application.

    I would recommend sticking to the mail because you've already started this form by mail and the eBenefits site is not recommended by us here at VeteranAid because people have complained of it in the past.

    I hope that helps! Make sure to mail return receipt.
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    Should I include the form they sent back to me for correction when I send in the new corrected form?
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    It might be safe to send them both anyways, but if you do make sure to clearly indicate which form is the updated version and which is the one they sent back for correction.

    Always mail return receipt, too!

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