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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PattyW, Jul 3, 2015.

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    I am filing form 21-601 to recover $ that I paid for my brother's assisted living care. He was approved for A & A and received the approval letter 4 days before he died. The facility agreed to take a reduced payment pending the approval for A & A. I paid $2,500 for 11 months. (The actual amount was $3,100). The facility is owed $6,600. When I fill out 21-601 do I include the facility as owed but not paid? I have a statement of account from the facility showing what I paid with check #'s. I also have copies of all canceled checks. I plan to send in a copy of his death certificate also.

    My brother's wife filed 21-534 EZ to receive the accrued benefit. She received a letter denying payment because she wasn't a dependant child under 18 and she didn't submit financial info. She did not pay his expenses as they didn't have the money to do so. What financial info did they want from her. Would it be the same that was submitted for the original A & A claim? We are just trying to get the $ that was owed. Like others on the forum. . . all this is sooo confusing and very complicated.

    I don't want to run out of time to file on my behalf. We're trying to file any forms necessary from my sister-in-law and myself.
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    With your brother's wife, if she is not in care and the application was just for him, she may have no rights to file for accrued.

    You on the other hand have proof of payments made for his care, and can file the 21-601 and submit the expenses you personally paid on his behalf.

    I don't know how long the process took from the date of application to award being granted. That impacts how much he would have accrued. You can only be reimbursed up to the max amount the veteran or widow had not been paid.

    You would only submit one 21-601. The directions on the form are pretty clear
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    How long does it take to received accrued benefits? First application of 21-601 sent July, 2014, to receive reimbursement of funeral expenses from accrued monies. In January, I modified with Letter of Testamentary in order to have check made to estate and not payable to me to avoid paying income taxes on the money even though I am the only heir to mom's estate. There has been no word from VA since January, 2015. I have called to verify they received my form (they did), and called again several months ago and was told it is in process. I have read it takes 6-12 months. I have 3 questions: 1. Is the 6-12 months from the initial filing of the form 21-601 or when I sent modification? (it has been 14 months from first filing)
    2. Is it unusual not to receive any communication at all within the last 9 months? At first I was receiving a form letter every couple months telling me they were working on the case.
    3. At what point, does one do something else and what?
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    Well, your biggest problem is the change you made in the application for the funds to go to her estate. The VA does not pay to "estates". The 21-601 reimbursement is for the person who was out of pocket on care expenses or final arrangement for their loved one.

    I would highly suggest you call the Senator in the state your Mom resided in and have them make an inquiry as to the status of the 21-601 application, and I would do that immediately!

    I think you need to be prepared for the push back given that you amended the application, and that is going to be what the hold up is here.

    Hope you can get things resolved with the Senator's assistance.

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