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    Do you include copies of bank statements with application? Does the employment history need to be filled out? Veteran is 90 and has not worked since he was 62. What needs to be included in cover letter?How should the application be packaged, should I put in a folder, paper clips, different sections ???? Can the veteran include spouse medical bills too?? I know that I must include spouse income. Veteran is applying for aid and attendance. Thanks.
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    include a current bank statement.

    If you are only applying for the veteran and not as a veteran with spouse who also requires care, and is paying for that care, then you would not include those.
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    Hello I am new to this site, glad I found it. We started a claim for A&A 30 July 2015. In order to explain the situation I have sent a copy of a inquiry letter Certified with documentation to the VA in May 2016 and never did here back with the exception that it had been signed for. I thought it would be easier to see the steps that have been taken by sending a copy of letter. I do have a VA form 21-0845 on file.

    TO: J.M Paul
    Veterans Service Center Manager
    Claim Number 18-282-223 Janet L. Rowland

    This letter is in regards to an Inquiry on Claim for Aid and Attendance file number 18-282-223 Janet L. Rowland SSN: 116 Enterprise Court, Greenwood, SC 29649.

    The Veteran Billy Rowland SSN:: Date of Birth; 03/28/30, Service Dates: 06/26/19951 to 03/31/1974. Death 28 July 2015.

    I am the daughter of Billy Rowland and Janet Rowland. Deborah Knapp (RET SGM). My mother is 84 years old and legally blind so I am trying to help her.

    The Application for Aid and Attendance was originally sent 30 June 2015. June 30 2015, my parents went into Assisted Living, 116 Enterprise Court, Greenwood SC 29649. My father had dementia and my mother’s blindness. They received a letter from the VA dated 24 July 2015 stating the VA received Application for benefits.

    My father fell and broke his hip in July and ended up in the hospital. He ended up with Sepsis of the Blood prior to discharge and unexpectedly passed on 27 July 2015. When my mother received the Death Certificate she took it to the local VA and it was sent along with an updated packet since her income changed and death. She did not here anymore from the VA so the assistant at Morningside Assistant living took her back down to the VA and the VA checked on the packet and she was told she would receive benefits within 100 days.

    In November received a letter dated 2 November 2015 stating we received application for benefits. (Again)? December received a letter dated 8 Dec 2015 we are still processing your application. February received a letter dated 5 February 2016 we are still processing your application for Pension.

    Then from a different office of the VA (Pension Management center) Dated 11 February 2016 Stating We are working on your claim for Survivors Pension. But, need additional evidence to complete. She had to get a copy of death certificate of her first marriage and another income report. This also said date of Claim: 8 October 2016?

    Then in April she received another letter from another Office of the VA VARO dated 01 April 2016 stating that they did not receive VA form 21-686c Declaration of status of dependents therefor we must deny claim. She has no dependents!!! She lives in assisted living and her husband passed. Morningside took her back down to the local VA the VA did some paperwork and Mailed it to the VA.

    In May she received another letter dated 12 May 2016 Stated we received your application for Benefits. (Again)?

    This has been almost a year processing this claim. Should not the initial date of 30 June 2015 be the date? Which, I have provided a copy of the initial application for benefits. All letters have the same claim number. All of these letters state application for benefits; so we are so confused. I have read what qualifications are for Aid and Attendance and I know they qualified. The Executive Director of Morningside Assisted Living said that she has never seen this happen before and said generally it only take a few months.
    I live 3 hours from my mother, so any documentation she receives someone at assisted living tries to help her and she does not understand somethings. And every time she gets a Letter from the VA she has to have someone read it and then cries because it says the same thing. This has been a hardship, with the death of my father, losing her home and now with finances. My mother is worried sick. We would like to request expediting the claim?

    This has also been a financial hardship on my husband and me. We are retired and had to take out a loan last June to cover until they could possibly receive benefits and it’s coming to an end.

    I would appreciate any information or status you could give me for this claim. I have enclosed all documents that Morningside has scanned to me. Thank you for time and help.

    In July I called and finally got to speak with a VA rep. That my mother did not owe them any kind of documentation She told me that they were waiting on my fathers records to come. I explained that I had copies of DD214 etc she said no from the record holding area. I asked what for she said for DIC I explained that we did not file for that, but A&A and she stated e are trying to get he 300.00 more a month and because of our hardship she would try and get it pushed up I would here an answer to inquiry in about a week. After about two I received a voicemail from a VA rep saying a decision will be made within the next week or two. Then received an email a letter is on the way with decision. Last Friday my mother received a letter stating denied for DIC as of August 1 2015 evidence of income showed $(15,034.00) limit for a surviving spouse is (8,630.00) Remember in my inquiry I stated when my father passed passed 28 July 2015. His income would of been in there. I drove 3 hours and took her to a VA rep in her home town. The Va rep looked at the letter called and than she filled out and faxed VA 21-0518-1 and VA 21P-8416. Now what? what can be expected. What still will need to be done? I just don't no where to go any more. And this is killing my mother. Thanks to anyone that can help. Sorry so long.
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    First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of your father. As for your confusion as to why she got a letter stating they received her application and would begin processing, that happened because the VA has to process a completely new application of your mother since she is now the widow of the veteran. It's a completely different application, if that makes sense.

    I have to ask, you are absolutely positive she followed the guidelines of what to mail in for her complete application as outlined on our How to Apply page? She had all of the necessary forms we list here?

    When/if she receives the letter letting her know she was approved, I believe the date they will use (according to what you've told me here) for her retroactive funds will be November 2015.

    In order to request the claim be expedited she has to either be over the age of 90 or she can be in financial hardship. You would have to provide evidence of this financial hardship, but I've heard of it working for others before.

    DIC is a compensation benefit, are you sure she wasn't accidentally applying for that instead of the Aid and Attendance benefit? You would check the box labeled "death pension" on the application, not "DIC" if she is applying for A&A.

    Oh dear, this is definitely a terrible situation and a jumbled mess. Your mother should not have been denied based on what you are telling me. So that $15,034 they showed as her income, that is per month? Or per year?
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    The original packet in June had everything! After she received the death certificate the Director of Assisted Living took her down to the VA rep and some sort of packet was faxed, honestly I did not directly see because I live so far away! That was in Aug. Than Sep they went back to the VA to check status. I do know that the financial documents were redone. etc. They only have the $15, 034 as SSN: Her annual income is about 26,000 with father retirement, and he small retirement. But with assisted living, medical, and medicare cost it's 31,836 a year. That's was what VA rep faxed last Friday. Can I ask why it would not go back to June. When it was originally filed? Assisted Living had us take a loan out with Elder life to help cover the cost until Approval. Which one of the directors use to work for the VA and said they definetley should be approved. They had never had one not. My husband and I co signed a loan and have been paying the interest to help cover cost of assisted living. But the loan is going to have to be paid off. The loan started last July 2015 Which was 14,000. So this is a financial hardship for her and us! Thank you for your help!
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    By her costs of care vs. her income, she should qualify. It would not go back to June 2015 because that was an application for a veteran + spouse. Unfortunately, and much to our dismay, the VA has it set up to where if the veteran passes away the widow has to do a completely new application.

    You need to make sure she is applying for death pension (A&A) NOT DIC. You mentioned DIC in your first post. That is a completely different claim than the A&A benefit application.
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    I know I told the VA on the phone that she did not apply for DIC that she filed for A&A and she said they were trying to get her 300.00 more a month than A&A. How do you think I can make sure? Not knowing who to call ? Thank you for your help and answering so fast. Deb
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    Oh I do want to tell you that they have been using the same VA number from last June 2015 does that make a difference? Thank you
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    They are probably using the same VA file number because the application itself is tied back to the veteran. Even though he passed away, they will have one file number for him and his spouse for their claims. To be sure, I would call the VA directly and keep calling until you get a direct answer on what your mother applied for - DIC or the Aid and Attendance (death pension) benefit. You might have to call a few times. This is why we always tell people to keep a copy of all of the documents and forms they send to the VA for their application process for themselves so they have records. I hope you can get some answers from the VA. I do not know how to advise you unless you know whether it is the DIC she accidentally applied for or not.

    Their number is: 1 (800) 827-1000
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    Thank you for your help! As of today it is getting fixed hopefully! The VA in my mothers town 3 hrs away from me has a large turn over rate and nobody seems to know what is going on. They had did the wrong form for DIC. You've been a big help I will let you know the outcome. Some times I think people should loose there jobs. Thanks again wonderful site!
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    That's great to hear, Deborah! I'm glad it's on it's way to being fixed, or at least it sounds like it. Please do keep us updated.

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