HELP Widow spouse compensation for new Ischemic Heart Disease

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    My husband died in 2004. After they allowed Ischemic Heart to be a factor in his death, I refiled a claim. I received a letter dated November 9, 2010 from Disabled American Veterans stating "Service connection for the cause of death is granted effective November 13, 2007". (filed a claim in 2007 and was denied) The letter also said this is not intended to serve as your official notification from the dept. of VA and that I would be receiving the offical notice later.

    I went to the VA Regional Office and they said the computer said case still pending. After reading my letter, he was complexed as to why the computer said still pending. Can someone tell what is going on, has this happened to anyone else? Did I get it or not? They will not tell me for sure. Does the DAV know something the VA doesn't know?

    Thanks for any help in this matter.

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    This is a compensation award rather than pension, so not sure of the process, but having one hand not knowing what the other is doing is quite common, and it is doubtful the DAV would know as much let alone more than the VA.

    It has been awhile since you made this posting, so I would be curious if you have gotten an answer regarding your claim.

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