help getting my retroactive college money because my Dad was awarded retroactive payment

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    I need help getting my college money back. The education department denied me repaying me back for my 4 years of college. My Dad was awarded retroactively 100% and I attended college during the years he was awarded for. I should be repaid because he was eligible and granted 100% p&t when I attended college. How do I word my reasoning because I am filing a NOD to the school DEA office? I already told them my Dad was granted 100% retroactive but they still said they won't repay me. Help

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    You don't want to go to the school for the money, just the supporting evidence of what was spent. The money will come from the VA - Dependent Education, Chapter 35 program. You will need to either set-up a account and fill out a VA Form 22-5490 or call (888) 442-4551, have them mail you one and get the return address. The school then sends in the records of your enrollment, payments, and grades so VA knows what to pay you back.

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