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    So glad I found this site. I have been given so many directions. Some have told me to only use a lawyer and I have talked to one...luckily he will not charge until he actually has to do paperwork so no charge as of yet. Then the VA social worker for my Dad told me to file by myself. Some told me that if I file myself that it will take longer, or he may be denied (?). I am very confused and could use some good advice. here is our situation:

    My Dad is a WWII vet, served in Europe. My Mom died 2 years ago and kept his dementia hidden well. I brought him to a wonderful small home assisted living set up for lock down residents. We sold his house so he has nothing but cash. he has $44,000 in his checking right now, and approx $50,000 in a Vanguard fund. That is all he owns. He gets $1466 in SS each month. Since he qualifies for free meds and medical through the VA he has the free medicare plan so no payment for that. His rent is $4700/month all inclusive. He qualifies for A&A medically and thru military (served in Europe WWII). All he needs to do is qualify financially.
    Would he qualify for A&A funds? Should we wait to apply?
    How much money are we talking about?
    Thank you in advance.
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    why doesn't anyone answer posts?
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    Filing on your own does not mean it will take longer or be denied. You have to submit a completed application with all the supporting documents. You need to keep a complete copy for your records, mail Return Receipt and ensure you mail to the correct Maintenance Pension Center for his state. A list of those can be found here on the forums under the Tips and Resources tab.

    You do not need a lawyer, and you should not pay for someone to complete the application. We do not recommend that you restructure his finances due to the fact the VA has started doing a 1-year lookback.

    You do not state how old your Dad is, but given he served in WWII he has to be close to 90, and from a financial standpoint, he may be in excess of the means test.

    You can make application, and if he is denied due to excessive income, you can go back once he spends down and updates the VA on his current financial status.

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