have applied for benefits for my mom

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    hello to all:
    This is a very helpful site, thanks to all.
    I used all the info here on this site, rounded up all the needed docs, completed all paper work, went to local va, the rep checked it all out, said everything was as complete as he could have done, told me to submit it, i mailed it by certified,return receipt request..

    mailed on 10/5 by quickest way to phila,pa office
    received receipt 10/12 va had received it
    still waiting for something from va as of 10/21

    how long should I wait before calling the va?
    what number should I call?
    Another problem we have is that mom's funds will run out by Jan 2012, if she doesn't receive benefit. She will have to be moved from the assisted living into the nursing home under medicaid. My question is if approved after she starts receiving medicaid, in nursing home, what would we have to do with the benefit money?
    Thanks, the info on this site is great, & thanks to all.
    Mom's son
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    A general rule of thumb is to allow at least 90 days for the VA to respond.

    If you did not ask for expediting of the application due to advanced age and financial hardships, you could very well be 7-9 months before a ruling is made.

    If she goes on Medicaid, then the most if approved, that she could receive would be $90.00 a month, which cannot be used for medical expenses.
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    afternoon of oct 21 received information from VA requesting us to complete form 21-2680, in which her doctor needs to complete also a "VCAA Notice Response" saving we encourage you to return this , as it may expedite a decision on your claim.
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    in the instructions on filling out spouse forms it say Physician statement (right-click here to download) that includes current diagnosis, medical status, prognosis, name and address, ability to care for self, ability to travel unattended, etc. If you are a veteran in a nursing home, or a family member of a veteran in a nursing home, you can use this form as a certification of that status (right click to save): Nursing Home Status Statement

    does this mean physician or nursing home statement? i sent in nursing home statement but now they want physician's statement.

    can you clarify?
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    Hello Everybody,

    I am trying to apply for aid for my Mom. I have everything except the Doctor statement which should be here by Friday. I have read over eveything in the forums as to how to send all this in. I have a question. Are there forums for the Letter of Intent, care giver and where would I find the Social Security award letter. Thanks for all the great information it has helped alot. I have been looking for something for years to help my Mom out and did not even know about this until my Mother-n-Law told me about it. She heard it from one of her friends. I have told so many people about your website that didnt know about this benefit .

    Thanks again
  7. ldameron

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    01/4/2012 call va in philadelphia today.
    status is has been rated, final check being done. average time in the phase is 33 days.
    what does rated mean? what's the chance of having to provide more info? running out of money need by next month!

    thanks for any help
    leonard son
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    That's an "average" amount of time for them to complete the processing of the application. It is not a guarentee. It could take longer.

    You might want to call them back and ask for expediting due to financial hardship and let them know he is out of money to pay his bill next month. I would also put it in writing on a VA form 21-4138, and mail it Return Receipt.

    If they needed more info, they should have already requested it.

    Hope you will have some good news to share soon.
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    I doubt you need any more forms at this point. I was told 33 days from Phil. also which would have been last week in Dec. Still waiting but did get a letter dated Dec. 28 stating sorry for delay. We are in notification phase. I think now we just need patience. We will also probably have to wait for judiciary appt. w/Moms dementia. We began process Sept. 1 but had to resubmit death certificate.
  10. ldameron

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    received call from congressman 1/9/12 said mother had been approved should receive check in 15 days so I filed in early oct, 2011 got confirmation on 1/9/12, 3 months. I think calling my congressman really helped.
  11. vetadmin

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    Congratulations on getting through the process and getting the award for your Mom!

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