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  1. My hubby applied last August, 2011 to upgrade his disability rating and also for A&A. This past week he had to have physical and see pysch by a different VA doctor. They told us he would have a decision in 6-8 weeks. Well I'm not holding my breath on any of this lol. Has anyone had any experience with any of this???? Thanks so much for your time!
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    What percentage is his disability rating?

    It may be a matter that he will have to choose which will pay him more - compensation or A&A Pension.
  3. Right now he is 20% service connected and receives a VA pension. We are trying to get him to 100% service connected with A&A as I can no longer work because he needs someone to help him around the clock pretty much.
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    Not to discourage, but getting a rating increase is a bit of a challenge. At less than 100% he cannot draw the 20% comp and A&A. It would be an either or situation. My guess is the A&A would pay more than what he is getting at 20%.

    A veteran can only be awarded both comp and pension is when they are rated at 100%.
  5. All of this blows me away. I am so angry with the way our vets are treated and having to wait a year or longer for help is just not acceptable.
    I guess I am not understanding how all this works. Right now he is not getting any comp for his 20% as the pension is higher pay. Can we not get aid and attendance if he is on a VA pension???
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    What "pension" is he getting and what is the dollar amount?
  7. He is getting 1,512.00 monthly from the VA pension. He really is 100% disabled now and thats what we applied for last August was to upgrade his rating and for A&A. This past week they sent him to a diff VA doctor for a physical and also a pysch exam. They told us when we left there a decision would be made in 6-8 weeks.
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    At this point, I would suggest you wait to see what their ruling is on getting the 100%. If he gets that, then is eligible for both comp and pension and will get another approximate $656 a month.
  9. I appreciate your help very much, so what your saying is out of 2,000 a month if he gets to 100% he would have to pay a caregiver out of that money??????
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    For veteran rated at 100%, and then they apply for A&A they do not have to complete the entire application process.

    They simply submit a VA 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim stating they now require assistance for their day to day living and the Dr's evaluation 21-2680. They do not have to submit financial information.

    Again, this is for a vet already rated 100% and then applies for the addition of A&A.

    If that is not the case, then yes, he would have to show a financial need for A&A and would have to submit financial information, which is based off your combined income.
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    My husband is 100% disabled due to unemployability. 80% injuries 20% unemployability. Would he be able to apply for A&A with this breakdown?
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    If his need for daily assistance is due to his service connected injuries, then yes, you should consider filing.

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