Got the award and just have to get fiduciary appointed!

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by lucillesur, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Well, folks, through a ton of work and via a lot of help from this site, my mom got the A&A awarded! I filed at the end of January and she got her letter yesterday. I had one minor hiccup, (that wasn't my fault with paperwork...the VA claimed the seal on my dad's military records was not detectable and claimed they were copies - I finally made them realize they were originals) but it took us about 6 months. Not too bad! We are very lucky.

    Next step is getting me appointed as the fiduciary since she is deemed incompetent. I'm not arguing this. I am going to submit form VA 21-4138 stating that we are not contesting the incompetence and that she would like to appoint me as fiduciary.

    I live in CA and she is in AZ. Does anyone know where my interview would take place?
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    Congratulations, and happy to know that the site and forums helped to get you through this.

    How ridiculous that they held everything up over the seal, and didn't recognize it was original. Sure hope that you get that back from them.

    They will interview your Mom, and not sure how the agent will elect to handle their interview with you, but they will let you know.

    Thanks for sharing your good news!

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