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  1. I’m happy to report that my father has been approved for the Aid and Attendance benefit! I mailed the application on April 3 and received the approval letter from Milwaukee on May 27. I had mailed the Intent to File last September, but felt so intimidated by the application process that it took me a long time to start to pull everything together. I don’t think I would have attempted it had it not been for this forum.

    Before approval the VA requested additional information: a certified copy of his discharge document and additional medical records regarding his condition. I had sent an official copy of his discharge document (with the embossed seal, that I obtained from the St. Louis Records Center) with the original application, but rather than possibly delay the processing by communicating with them about this, I had a copy made and had an officer from our state’s Department of Veteran Affairs certify it.

    Along with the approval letter, we received information about applying for the benefit for the prior year (liberalizing law) and the proposal to rate my father incompetent to handle his affairs.

    My question is about the “Incompetency Notice Response” form. The form is on a “special color-coded form” and it says that this form should be returned to a specific address for this purpose. It further says that the form be “placed on top so that this claim can be identified and routed correctly.” Placed on top of what? Should I include a 21-4138? The form simply asks for my father’s response as to whether he agrees with their proposal to rate him incompetent, so I don’t know what else I would need to send them at this point.

    My father is a 90-year-old WWII Navy vet and my hero. I so wish he could fully understand that his service has been recognized and honored in this way all these years later. On his behalf, I send my deepest appreciation to Debbie and the others on this forum who support each other as we try to do our best for our veterans.
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    I got the same one for my mother who was awarded Aid & Attendence, I just had her sign the purple sheet and sent it back to the address.
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    Awesome news, and thanks so much for sharing with everyone.

    Just send the purple form back waiving his disputing the ruling.

    You are very lucky for the Liberalizing Law, which could give him another 12 months retro. Problem is they take forever to do the in-person interview and appoint Fiduciary. Don't let them push you out several months on this given his age. They will not release the back award until you go through this process.

    Thank you for your support, and glad that we could be here for you!

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