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    i just wanted to share news of my mom's a&a. she is receiving maximum amount. good news. bad that she is receiving more income , she cant receive any more medicaid and she is having to pay for her medicare premiums. even though she is paying caregiver to care for her the government consider the income hers because its in her name. so if u start receiving a&a and u were receiving assistance from government such as food stamps and medicaid, if the amount of pension is significant u wont be able to get that assistance from government as before. but the most important thing is that your parent is being cared for. if anyone has gone thru this please let the other forum users know.
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    Please ask the VA to send a letter breaking out the award into its A&A component and the Pension component - most states exclude the AA portion and most exclude reimbursement of medical expenses as income- but Medicaid caseworkers generally have no idea about how the benefit works.
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    you are so right....while talking to that caseworker it took many minutes to explain to her what the pension was. i still dont think she understood what i was talking about. she just said it was medical and it still went against my mother.

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