Getting Ready to Send off Application, well I was til I found this fab site! THX

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  1. DEAR DEB: I am thrilled to have found this site. I have been going on a wing and a prayer for about the last 2 months, though I only started this process on September 9 - after attending a seminar on the Aid and Attendance Benefit at the Assisted Living place my mom has most recently become a resident at. I have discovered first, that the advocates - and I am using that name loosely, are not always the best in term of understanding, committed-ness, and really volunteering. My mom has zilch to get her through this time - she is 94 and has lived a life of frugal stewardship and not has dementia and need assistance. All fine, but add to that an alcoholic relative who moved in with her and who I am in the process of evicting (I can't even bring her home yet) she is now in a nursing home to the tune of $4500 monthly. I live out of state, she in CA and myself in WA - long story short. She needs this money desperately with a pension of $1029 before supplemental health insurance - her home is under a reverse mortgage - So not whining, just giving some facts as to why I need to get this process going and working. So happy for the person who just reported getting this done in 4 mos. I am hoping my application will do as well after I am done picking everyone's brains and making sure everything is neat and tidy. I was very excited to find the information about VA requesting a fiduciary for the applicant QUESTION: can that clause be at the time the application is submitted? I know I am just starting and I am thrilled to have your expertise - Deb - you are an inspiration. Thank you for your dedication. I look forward to asking and receiving advice - I am retired - but need to get this going - mom's money $30,000 won't last at 4500 per month. You are on the east coast, I'm here in WA state on the Olympic Peninsula. Sleep well, I hope to hear from you in the a.m. when you have a moment. Best regards, Janis DeVerter
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    Janis. don't give up. I applied for my Mom dated June 2014. She got three letters stating they were still reviewing her application. We received her award dated Oct 23 2014 and all past and present money has been deposited in her bank account. So , having been in a similar situation, that Mom was spending more money for her care than was coming in, a negative $1700 per month, they found her as a $0 income and she was awarded the spousal benefit. My father, had passed away 6 years ago but this gift goes on. Good luck in your journey and hopefully you will find it short and painless.
  3. Dear Deb - thanks for the encouragement! I haven't given up - just slowed the process as I am hoping to move home from the facility after I evict the alcohlic niece who moved in with her. That date for unlawful detainer is November 11th. Then maybe by December 1, I can have Mom back in her own house where maybe things will seem more familiar with loving care for her. I live out of state - so have been traveling back and forth, but do have some very dependable and affordable help for her 24/7 when I can bring her home. I am praying and hoping and working at it. I will need help when I file but am leaving to visit my daughter in NY who is newly pregnant and want to put a few things aside for this one week. Best to you - again, thanks, Janis in WA state.

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