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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nanc512, Aug 29, 2012.

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    i have been researching A & A since mom started failing, my dad was a vet. I am so glad I found this site last year when I realized mom was failing and we needed help. She is a nursing home now and we thought it would be rehab to home, but after our care meeting yesterday, I know she can't come home without 24 hour care. Why in the heck do these medical people think I can provide 24 hour care, even though I work from home. That's another story.

    I have all the forms printed and have questions, before I send it. Under Section IX, expenses, I can list her Humana insurance cost. She is paying $6000 to the nursing home for the first 100 days, because it's out of her network. How should I list that, since it's not a monthly amount? After she is there 100 days, of course it will go up, I have their price list and the admission lady told me what the costs will be.

    It also says unreimbursed last illness and burial expenses. She is going to have a substantial hospital bill because she was in for four weeks, home and back in for a week, is that what they mean? She is prepaying her funeral expenses this week, should I take that amount off her checking account balance since it will be paid this week?

    I had her doctor fill out his statement, because she is legally blind and considered homebound. I also had the nursing home fill out their statement. They indicated no Medicaid/state assistance on the form. Do they list how much she is paying for the first 100 days under out of pocket expenses? This is a very large state of the art nursing home and we are glad she got in, they didn't know anything about this benefit. The administrator is a family friend and we have gone to the same church for years. He was so glad to hear about this and now they are going to research this for their 400 residents. Of course, some of their admissions and accounting people have called the VA and they got all kinds of answers, like I did, none were true!

    I am a detailed oriented person and want to fill this out properly. Any help would be appreciated, I don't know how much she will get, but I read she will get more because she is legally blind. She is actually almost totally blind and her vision has decreased significantly since she broke her pelvis and now has a heart condition.

    Thank you so much, off to make my donation!

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    The benefit is based off of on-going monthly expenses, so a short-term hospital would not be used to qualifying her for the on-going monthly benefit. Neither would pre-paying her funeral. You need to focus on whether her monthly income minus her on-going (read occurring every month) medical expenses leave her with les than $1,094 per month. If they don't you expect to meet those figures on an annual basis you should file, you will be denied a monthly pension but could then submit her annual medical costs at the end of the year.
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    She is a nursing home now and I think will have several more weeks of PT, then maybe maintenance to keep her at her now baseline. Nursing home is going to be $5700 per month, so that is lots more than her monthly income. I know she has bills coming in that will reduce the amount of her checking account. I am going to include those amounts as a notation, so they know how much her checking account will be reduced.


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