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    I'll apologize up front. There seems to be a wealth of knowledge on A&A in this forum and I've been pouring over the pages of this web site but it seems everyone's situation is unique, so I thought I would post some facts about mine and see if anyone has ideas for a proper strategy before I actually apply for my grandfather.

    My grandfather is 100 years, WWII wartime vet. He has no assets except for about $1500.00 in savings and SS net of $1700.00 per month after Medical supplementals of $280. per month is taken out.

    He is legally blind from macular degeneration and dimentia has begun this past year. He can walk/dress himself.

    We moved him from his apartment (where he's been living with his disabled son) to my mom's house. She's been taking care of them both for years (power of attorney, food shopping, medical appts, etc).

    So, I feel like there should be some A&A available here for him and I should start the process, however I read that maybe he should be in assisted/skilled living center before applying. At this point we feel like he's better off in my mom's house (for now). I've downloaded a care contract I found on this web site so that we can establish a payment each month to my mom for his care. If he takes home 1700. per month, should my mom charge him that amount or should she charge him 1700+1780 = 3480. per month for (care, room, board etc) in order to apply for the entire 1780 available in A&A. Of course he couldn't pay the $3480. since he doesn't have it and the balance would just accumulate.

    Am I even understanding any of this correctly?

    I have read how to apply section and am gathering all necessary paperwork. I was thinking of sending off the Intent to Apply this week in order to get a date established.

    I was just looking for overall strategy/direction and/or ideas about my grandfather's situation.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You're definitely thinking about this situation the right way.

    Yes, your mother would have to be getting paid as his caregiver in order to apply for the benefit for your grandfather. But many people have used this situation where the applicant pays a family member for the care in order to apply for A&A. Having a care contract is smart and would be good to include a copy in the A&A application.

    As far as the amount he should be paying, as long as he is paying more for care than he currently is receiving in income and it is depleting his assets (which he has a very small amount already) then he should be able to show a need for the A&A benefit. It's up to your family to determine what that amount should be that he pays your mother every month.

    Sending an Intent to File is a good way to go if you are planning on filing soon but need some time to collect all the necessary documents.

    I hope that helps!
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    Thank you!
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