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  1. danb

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    After a careful reading of the wonderful VeteransAid site I believe my parents are eligible for "A&A" help. My father is 89 and a proud WWII. My mother is 88. Dad suffered a debilitating stroke 18 yrs ago, but has managed along with my mother and the help and love of his children to continue to live on their own in their own home. However recently this has changed. Our family and my parents believe that they can continue to live in their home, but it is now obvious that they now need some regular daily home care 2 or 3 hours a day - probably 5 days a week. I have started the process for "A&A" but I am afraid I have a couple of "beginner" questions.

    1) When my Dad suffered his stroke 18yrs ago, after his release from the hospital he was able to use the local VA hospital for some speech rehabilitation and therapy. It was years ago and only for several weeks, but he was issued a "Veterans Universal Access Identification" card with an ID number. I assume this helps but I am not sure how. Any thoughts or experience here ?

    2) Does this ID number imply that the VA already has certain of the required info, i.e. separation papers, any financial data, doctor's certification, etc ?

    3) I believe that in the site information there was a form listed that the vet could file right away to "time stamp" his application. I seem to remember that this should be done only if you could complete the process within the following 30 days. Is this right ?

    Deepest thanks in advance for any help.
  2. vetadmin

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    First of all welcome, and we hope you will find the forums helpful in getting you through this application process.

    1) Don't worry about this ID card. Just make the application based off of his service date.
    2) i would not assume the VA has this info and you need to include it all in with his application
    3) No, you can file the "Informal Claim" to start the clock while you gather everything necessary, and you have up to a year to submit the completed applicaiton.

    Good Luck!
  3. danb

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    Thank you very much
  4. bubbe1

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    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but here goes-sorry for the length.

    My mother, who is 86 1/2 has been living in an alf in Florida since Dec. 2011. She has some dementia, mainly severe memory loss, but is still considered, by a lawyer, to be competent to sign legal documents.

    My father, who served in WWII has been deceased for many years, but until recently, we did not have a need for aide in attendance benefits. My father and I were not close, so I don't have a lot of his personal information, and my mother doesn't remember much of it.

    My mother and her children recently created an irrvocable trust,(mom understands this and is fine with it), for future financial purposes. Her assets are now in the trust, which we, as her trustees, facilitate,(use to pay mom's bills). According to the trust, my mother no longer owns the assets, the trust does.

    The reason I am looking into Aide and Attendance benefits is that we,(the children), and the financial advisor we hired to help us, all feel that mom is going to outlive her money, including the assets in her trust. She comes from a very long lived family, (grandma was 100 when she passed). This is not a guarentee that mom will live that long, but we have to plan with the assumption that she might, and we, the kids, do not have enough money to support mom if she does run out of money.

    My questions are(Finally)!: ;D
    1. Will assets placed in an irrvocable trust be counted by the VA?
    2. Can I help my mother file for benefits if I don't have a lot of information about my father, and might not be able to find documents such as their marriage certificate?

    Any input would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  5. vetadmin

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    The trust will not count against her.

    Yes, you can help her (do it yourself) the applicaiton. You will need to gather all the documents, and if you need to get a copy of your Dad's discharge papers, you can see this link:

    You will also need to get a copy of the death certificate, and the marriage license. Hopefully your Mom remembers where they got married and the year, so you can check that county courthouse for a copy.

    If your Mom's physician states on her medical eval that she has the beginings of dementia, you can probably count on the VA ruling her incompetent for VA purposes. You do not want to appeal this decision as it will add min of 2 years to the process.
  6. bubbe1

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    Thank you very much.
  7. CindyP

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    I am extremely new to this situation, but your situation reminds me of mine so I hope the answer is positive for me. My father served 2 years during Korea and I have all his military paperwork along with marriage license, death certificate etc.

    My 84-year-old mother just moved into an assisted living facility with seniors suffering from Dementia. Today she is financially OK, and my projections say she may be financially OK for 4 more years. By that time, we'll have to turn to Medicaid. (She is very healthy except for the dementia -- she has sisters in their 90s and she may certainly live that long as well.)

    So should I start the paperwork process with the VA now, or should I wait until her includable income is below $80,000? Or ______? Thanks so much -- this is all so confusing, but I'll do everything I can to make sure Mom's last years are as pleasant as possible. She's in a really great facility now, surrounded by staff who actually seem to care for her as an individual.
  8. vetadmin

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    It would not do any good to file at this time if her assets are too high.

    Would recommend that you gather all the documents, and have those on hand.

    When you feel that she is about 6 months out form meeting the financial threshold, I would file then.

    As you say she could very well live for quite some time given the age of other family members.

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