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Discussion in 'Expenses' started by lilybet66, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. lilybet66

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    Approved Death Pension benefits. Which form(s) do I use to inform the VA of a change of address and the new costs associated with Assisted Living?
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    You would submit a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 with the request to update the address and increase the award money if it is not at maximum level due to increased costs in assisted living. In order to show evidence of the assisted living, you need to submit a Statement of Occupancy from the facility (ask them), a Nursing Home Status Statement form, and any bank statements and/or receipts you want to include to show the new payments.
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    If the 21-4138 is for the veteran's spouse (survivor benefits), is the name to put on the form the spouse, or the veteran's? the form asks for the name of the veteran. Also, who signs the form? My wife has POA for her MIL, can she sign, or should my MIL sign the form? My MIL is capable of signing. I suppose the form requires an explanation in writing that the person is now in an assisted living situation; do you list actual increase in expenses on this form, or just to inform the VA of the change in living situation and that you will be requesting the full A&A benefit? Does making this request reset the clock on approval of the pension? Sorry for so many questions, I was off of the forum for a while since we were trying to find an appropriate living situation for my MIL.
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    The veteran's name is the one you will write. The application for the A&A benefit is always tied back to the veteran - even if it's the surviving spouse that is applying. Your mother-in-law would sign the form if she is able. I wouldn't risk having your wife sign as the VA does not recognize POA. If it were me, I would list the increase in expenses since she is changing ALFs. It does not necessarily reset the clock. It may cause a delay - but it shouldn't completely start over her application process. No need for apologies - these are good questions.
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    Side note: sent 'statement in support of claim' 21-4138 with documentation to prove increased medical expenses in September 2016. Finally received response from VA (February 2017) that I must use form 21p8416 and submit AGAIN. But, they will consider all expenses for the entire 2016 year.
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