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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Vetdaughter3, Aug 8, 2016.

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    My mother began receiving the A & A award in June of this year. She has Dementia, a recent broken hip and we brought her home to live with us in June. Prior to her broken hip, she had been living in an Assisted Living facility. Due to her agression and behavioral issues, we are looking for Nursing Home placement. Will this affect the A&A benefit? Thanks for any input or help!
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    If she's not currently paying for care, you need to inform the VA. Once she goes back to a nursing home or ALF, you can always send a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 with an update on her status. As well as a Statement of Occupancy from the facility, a Nursing Home Status Statement and any bank statements or supporting documents that show her expenses for care.

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