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    Received by the VA on 11/25/14, awarded on 01/05/15. It can be done if you follow all of the rules and our application spanned three major holidays.

    I did not do anything but file the application with all of the supporting documents and a cover letter. In an effort to help others, below I have copied the cover letter I used which was modified somewhat from one I found here earlier. I also included some things that may not have been necessary but the award letter mentioned using them to clarify things. Perhaps it was better to have sent additional information than to have to answer inquiries. As an example, the bill for the assisted living facility is addressed to me, not my Mother but they used the bank statements that I sent to verify that it was HER funds being used in payment. I also sent death, birth and marriage certificates obtained from the issuing government agencies and original discharge papers (since I could imagine no better use for them). All of the originals were returned within two weeks.

    I had prepared a binder to send it all in but then realized that it was prohibitively expensive to overnight something that size so I put them in a paper binder that contained clear sleeves. I realize that there are many ways to do this but this one seemed to work well. Thanks to everyone for sharing success stories that made this all possible. Sadly, within two days of receiving the award, Mom went into the hospital with the flu and they found inoperable cancer. However, the additional monies will ensure that she gets the care she needs for the remainder of her life without needless worry. Since I am dealing with that right now it may take me some time to respond to any questions but I will try to.


    Milwaukee Pension Maintenance Center November 24, 2014
    Veterans Administration
    5400 West National Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI 53214

    RE: Filing of VA Form 21-534EZ for Claimant Mother'sName Surviving Spouse of Father'sName

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Enclosed is an application for Compensation and/or Accrued Benefits for a Surviving Spouse - VA Form 21-534EZ that is being filed by Mother'sName, the surviving spouse of U.S. Navy Veteran Father'sName, who served in WWII.

    I am assisting my mother, Mother'sName, in the filing of this application. She is 91 years old and living on a limited income of social security and Xxxxxxxxxxxxx pension benefits. She has assets of less than $35,000. She requires the regular aid of another person in order to perform personal functions required in everyday living; she can no longer walk without assistance, dress or bathe herself or attend to personal hygiene, prepare and serve meals for herself, or dispense her regular prescription medicines. She has lived at the Assisted Living Facility for the last 2.5 years.

    The following forms and supporting paperwork are included with this application to support the request for the VA Benefit which includes the Aid & Attendance allowance:

    1. VA Form 21-534EZ - Application for Compensation and Accrued Benefits by a Surviving Spouse.
    2. VA Form 21-0845 - Authorization to Disclose Personal Information to son MyName.
    3. VA Form 21-2680 - Physician Statement for Mother'sName .
    4. VA Form 21-0779 – Request for Nursing Home Information in Connection with Claim for Aid and Attendance
    and Assisted Living Facility Certification.
    5. Military Records for Father'sName.
    6. Copy of Death Certificate for Father'sName.
    7. Copy of Marriage Certificate for Father'sName and Mother'sMaidenName.
    8. Birth Certificates for Father'sName and Mother'sMaidenName.
    9. Social Security Benefit letter for Mother'sName.
    10. Payment advice from Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pension Fund.
    11. Bank Statements from Ally Bank and US Bank.
    12. Invoice from Xxxxxxxxx Assisted Living Facility
    13. Medication expense report from United HealthCare

    Due to my Mother’s advanced age (91) we request that this application be expedited to the greatest degree possible. If you have any questions or need more information please contact me at (Cell Phone Number). Thank you for your consideration of her application.


    FirstName MiddleName LastName
    Son of Veteran Father'sName and Surviving Spouse/Claimant Mother'sName
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    Thank you for taking the time to share this with everyone here, and my hope is that so many others will benefit from it.

    Our condolences on the recent news for your Mom, but I am thankful to know that she will have these funds to ensure her needs will be met.
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    Thank you for this info. I am in the process of applying for my mother. This will help a great deal.

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