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    The calculator does nothing more than send the user to a for profit organization. It asks no financial questions. Was this site bought out?
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    We are planning on adding more strict financial qualification questions in the future. Yes, this site is owned by a for-profit company but all of our services and information - and even those we recommend from the site - are completely free. Even the service that this calculator send you to is completely free if you wish to use it.

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    This is a printable screening tool we use in my office to see if a wartime veteran or their surviving spouse qualifies for any amount of pension (income - out of pocket medical costs). Once a claimant qualifies for a $1 in pension then they may also qualify for housebound or Aid & Attendance, 2 different add on benefits.

    My biggest advice is find you CVSO or VSO nearest you! We train, test, become accredited, and do classroom and online training every year. Best of all we can not by definition charge for our assistance. (Find Service Officers), your local County Government, or (check the O VSO Rep).

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    Thank you, once again. This sheet is great. I will keep it in my own notes if someone else asks for help in determining eligibility.

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