form 21 601 does veteran widow have to submit expense receipts

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    My father received Aid and Attendance for short period of time before he passed away. The remaining portion of the benefits were held and not dispensed as the VA was in the process of assigning my mother as the administrator as my father had dementia.

    I paid for the funeral and submitted the receipts with form 21 601 in 02/2016. I got a letter from the VA Philadelphia in 08/2016 that it was denied because the Veteran has a dependent spouse on his award at the time of his death. VA regulations state that a surviving spouse is the priority claimant for Accrued Benefits based on relationship. They also said in the letter she can apply for the accrued benefits using form 21 601.

    I am going to resubmit the form for my mother, who is not a veteran, and since it has to be sent within a year of my fathers passing I wanted to make sure it is correct as the deadline is September 2016. In submitting form 21 601 would my mother have to submit funeral expense receipts in order to receive the remaining portion of my fathers Aid and Attendance benefits which were not dispersed. I read in another post on this site that "Form 21-601 says the accrued amount is payable in full to the surviving spouse. It appears, to me at least, that the full amount is paid not as reimbursement for expenses, but as an entitlement for the spouse. No receipts or justification of need is necessary. Sections III and IV of the form are skipped if the spouse is applying." If this could be clarified it would be appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Yes, you want to submit any funeral expense receipts. I would do so to cover my butt if I were submitting the form myself. It can't hurt. The post where you saw that recommendation was just that - a recommendation and her own insight. She did not have to use the 21-601 for a surviving spouse, but for herself as the daughter. I would include the receipts just in case.

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