Form 21-534EZ Section X Question 40

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    I am helping my mother file for Spouse's Aid and Attendance benefit. My father was a WWII veteran. My mother lives in an assisted living facility. The wording on section 10 is confusing. I am assuming that the VA is primarily interested in the following recurring expenses: Medicare deduction amount from SS; Monthly PPO premium; Assisted living expense. To support my claim, I will include an invoice from the Home, a PPO statement and the SS award letter which specifies the amount. I will also fill out and include the Countable Income worksheet. What is unclear is that the line items on Section X, item 50 ask for a single payment date. I read somewhere that if the claim is filed in March, then the payment dates would be 1 April 2015 and entered as "04/01/2015/monthly". Is this a correct assumption?
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    just write monthly. the payment date would only be needed for one-time payments like a funeral expense.

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