Form 21-534 or 21-534EZ ?

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    First of all, Thank you very much for providing this valuable and extremely helpful web site. It has cleared up so many questions in what is proving to be a very difficult stream to navigate.

    My question: I have seen many postings / questions / answers related to Form 21-534. but my local rep steered me to Form 21-534EZ... The basic information is the same, but there are subtle differences.

    Thoughts on 534EZ?

    Thanks again!
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    The EZ form only works if the veteran (21-526) or widow (21-534) is already in the VA system getting pension.

    If you are just starting the process and this is not the case, the you would go the standard 21-534.

    We are glad you found us and hope we can help along the way in the process.
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    VETADMIN............Maybe YOU can ell me where I can get my hands on Form 21-526, Than X !!!
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    Actually the EZ forms are for people who aren't in receipt of benefits yet.

    The purpose of the EZ form is to have the claim processed as quickly as possible without the standard VCAA notification. Essentially, if you have your ducks in a row and think you're ready for a decision right away, the VA will just go ahead and make the decision with whatever you provided and not request more evidence from you.

    Personally, if I were applying for benefits, I'd use the EZ forms. The average completion time is way, way faster, especially for widows.
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    Thanks for your insights on this!
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    This is very interesting to me! I have been collecting information and helping my mother, and it now sounds like she may want to submit 21-534EZ.
    She already receives a Navy Pension (which I believe is the "SBP annuity" - it's based on my father's navy service in WWII, she continues to get a smaller portion of his benefit after he died in 2005) in addition to SS pension. This is her only income; she has less than 80K in assets, and she has "permanent need to regular aid and attendance" (we have form 21-2680 completed/signed by her physician).
    She has already submitted (just a few weeks ago) form 21-4138 statement in support of claim, as an "informal claim" (citing 38 CR 3.155 Informal claims as recommended elsewhere on this site) to get the ball rolling.
    Is collective wisdom here that we should now submit 21-534EZ? Or is it too late for that, now that she already submitted the informal claim? She has received the return receipt from mailing that form, but not yet a formal letter acknowledging receipt.
    The 21-534EZ instructions say that you may file an informal claim to get started, but it should say
    "I intend to apply for compensation/pension benefits under the FDC Program.... etc".
    The informal claim we submitted for her didn't use this wording. :-[
    Thanks so much for all of your help!!

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