Form 21-0845 instead of form 21-22A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Helpingmom, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Helpingmom

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    I've been waiting since June to hear from the VA about my Mom's A&A. We have gotten a couple of "please be patient" letters. When I called to try to light a fire they said I could not ask because my form 21-22A had not been processed...along with the rest of the application. I spoke with an AWESOME man in processing and he told me that I should get a form 21-0845 filled out right away. When I had it done I called him back and he told me if I faxed it within a few minutes he would personally grab if off the fax machine and input the info himself. He did and I was able to "legally" speak to him on my Mom's behalf by that afternoon. Unfortunately, in the long run he had to put in a "inquiry" to find out what was happening with the application. He said that it would take up to 5 business days for them to act on the inquiry and they would call with the results. That was 5 business days ago.........holding my breath.....
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    do not bother with the 21-22a unless you want to represent the claimant as a one time thing. the 0845 allows the claimant to choose a rep and the rep can call the toll free number and ask questions. etc.
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    I just found out about the 21-22A thing but if I'm readinng this right, it is not what I need in order for someone at the VA to talk to me about my dad's claim?

    He surely can't follow up on it because he's not able to remember what anyone says to him and it's difficult for him to understand what's being said over a telephone, so I will be doing all the calling. With a 21-0845 will they have to talk to me about it?

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    Me again. Do I file this form now, even before I have the A&A claim together to file or should I just include it in the paperwork I send in with the A&A claim? I think it might go to a different place than the A&A claim, if I'm reading the instructions with the form right. It says to log onto the VA site to find out the address to send it to.

    I just don't want to do anything that's going to muddy the waters... and it obviously doesn't take much to muddy the VA waters. :D
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    send everything to the same place, together.

    Form 21-0845 IS NOT a Rep form. It merely allows the person or persons to call and ask about the file.
    they can't Represent the veteran in the decision process.

    THe 21-22a is the VA form for POA.
  6. vetadmin

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    Your best bet is to send in a completed application with the 21-22a and 21-0845. What state are you filing in? Different states go to different processing centers. DO NOT file on line. Doing that will automatically put the claim through for Compensation and that is not what this is for. A&A is Pension Benefit.

    You can use the step-by-step directions on the website to help get you through the application. If you want to start the clock on the claim, then you can file 21-4138. See this link from our FAQ section.
  7. Max

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    Here's the problem: the 22A is not for you, you're looking for the 0845. Submit that and you should be good to go. That being said, go through the IRIS system at This system will route your inquiry to the right office and you can talk to someone directly.

    The problem with the call centers is that your calls to to Philly, but since we don't have enough responders in Philly, you might get routed to a call center that doesn't know much about pension and since the pension workers are too overwhelmed with the volume of claims they don't put notes in for the call centers. they often won't be able to help you when you call because there aren't any notes, so they put an inquiry into IRIS for you (which is something you could have done on your own). I suggest to USE IRIS as much as you can. It is your best bet for direct contact with the actual person working on your claim.
  8. Max

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    I suggest to only go with the 0845. The 22a slows things down because it requires separate processing. The 0845 accomplishes what you want and it is much faster. Using this and IRIS should be all you need

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