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    Received a letter from VA today regarding my mother’s claim for A&A benefits. I had previously sent the VA a letter from the ALF which stated when she moved there (July 2014), that she needs assistance with ADLs and IADLs, and her monthly cost. Now the VA says “you have told us that the patient is in a nursing home” which is not true. They want the “nursing home” to complete form 21-0779. My questions are:
    1) Do I cross out “nursing home” and write in “ALF” throughout the form?
    2) How is question 8 answered? (amount patient is responsible for out of pocket). Should the ALF enter her monthly fee here? Or a total of all fees paid since she moved in?
    3) Question 9 wants to know if she is getting skilled or intermediate nursing care. She is not getting nursing care since she is in an ALF. How do they answer this question?

    Below the VA’s request for form 21-0779, the VA letter I received today also lists the following:
    1) The caregivers name, address and phone number
    2) A statement from the caregiver stating what services they provide
    3) A statement from the caregiver stating for whom the services were paid to
    4) A statement from the caregiver listing the dates and amounts of all care and payments made from the time they began their services to the present

    All of these items were already in the ALF letter previously sent to the VA, except that it didn’t show all the payments since she moved in – just what the monthly amount is. Do I need to have the ALF write another letter (in addition to form 21-0779) with this information?

    This process has taken soooooo long. Any help with these questions is appreciated!
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    !.Cross through and put ALF.

    2.The entire amount your Mom is paying.


    I highly suggest you call the VA and speak with someone about their request, and inform them she is in an ALF, and that they have all the information, and see if you can't take care of this via phone. Confirm with the person whether or not they can get things straight, or do you have to send this form back in.

    If they won't work with you via the phone, then you will have to provide all the information again.

    You don't mention whether your Mom has been awarded yet, which I am assuming the answer is no.

    If that is correct, then you need to make your next call to her Senator's office and ask them to make an inquiry as to the status of her application as it has been almost a year with no decision.
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    Filed claim in August 2014. Got very confusing letter end of January 2015 saying she was denied but appears that it was denied because they didn't consider the AFL fees since they needed a statement from them. Also, attached was a rating decision from October 2014 saying that she was entitled to A&A effective Sept 2014 with a finding of incompetency proposed. So, I sent a letter from the ALF and also form 21-0792 Fiduciary Statement.

    also, after reading your forum I requested expedited processing (both initially and again in February). Today's letter says they can't expedite since they need more information. Not sure what their idea of expediting is - but I think the word usually means faster than 9 months. Anyway, yet another extremely confusing part of this letter.

    will try calling the VA and/or her Senator. thanks!

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