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Discussion in 'Fiduciary questions' started by Maven, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Maven

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    An A&A beneficiary died in my extended care home in Belize and I'm helping the family get all the paperwork needed to apply for accrued benefits.Will the VA accept a foreign issued death certificate with form 21-601? Or do I need to get a Report of Death of US Citizen Abroad issued by the US embassy for the family to submit?
  2. Maven

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    I called the fiduciary hub that was handling this womans claim and asked the above question, they said they didn't know for sure and thought the death certificate would be sufficient but are not the department that handles such matters.Can anyone tell me who would know the answer to this question?
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    They will need to Report of Death from the Embassy. Just to be safe as the VA likes to drag things out unnecessarily so head them off at the pass.
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