Financial health in reality far worse than application allows

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    I first want to thank this website for its spot-on up to date information; it is my source of choice.

    I have been in the launch stage of the process for several years; yes, years. I wish I had done this when Mom still owned her home. Frankly the requirements seem awfully fiscally irresponsible for a government bureau. I mean it sounds like you could be sitting on a million dollar house and get aid; whereas, the poor guy who sold their house to free up cash, moved into independent living to save money over Assisted Living(‘cause once that money’s gone, it’s a nursing home on Medicaid) probably gets a big fat goose egg for all their financially responsible actions.

    Before I throw in the towel, I thought I’d briefly run the scenario by those more knowledgeable than I.

    So, yes, Mom is that poor guy mentioned above. She is 95, has about $60K left in cash assets. On the application, there is a positive $600 delta month to month after subtracting expenses from Social Security~$450 if I can expense incontinence pads). However, her IL rent(which is not allowable but still real) is $2600/month. So, she will be out of money in 2 years. Unlike the VA, I’m not using actuarial tables and life expectancy probabilities to assume she’ll be deceased in that time and so there is no problem. AL will not take her as she will not meet their requirements to ambulate. She requires a person to push her in a wheelchair. Home Health(which I already counted in the monthly expenses) provides daily grooming assistance, showers, escort to meals and a 15 minute assisted walk 3/wk.(again, trying to keep her out of a nursing home-she takes a few steps with a walker with them right behind with the wheelchair). I know that IL is a fly in the ointment when it comes to A&A. It makes all the personal financial sense in the world (when Home Health is available) but not when it comes to A&A. If she had gone into AL 5 years ago; she’d have no money right now and would probably be in a nursing home anyway (as AL would have determined she was beyond their requirements).

    Is there any leeway here ? Is there something that may be noted in the doctor’s statement that may at least qualify some portion of the IL rent(which includes 3 meals a day, light housekeeping). For example, there is no way that she can prepare her own meals-can some portion be eeked out for that?

    As I previously indicated, the rules just seem a little fiscally non-sensible and impractical but yes, that being said, it is the government. Just seems that reality (the monthly delta is more like negative over a $1,000) versus selected reality (wow, she’s making $600/mo.) make a big difference here.

    Thoughts very welcome here please and thank you in advance….should I even bother and what else might I include related to her $2600 monthly expense…

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